May 29, 2024

Side effects of consuming energy drinks know as ‘energy Drinks’


There are those who drink drinks that are said to increase energy or even increase energy, but there are various studies that show that these drinks known as ‘energy drinks’ do more harm than good to a person’s health.

Advertisers of these drinks claim various benefits, including boosting the immune system, but this is not true, according to some health experts. 

Some people wonder if these ‘energy drinks’ are good for health because they increase energy, but child health expert, Dr Stephanie Nguyen Lai, says that the answer to that question is ‘no’, because these ‘energy drinks’ are they are loaded with sugar, sodium, and caffeine, often twice as much as coffee or eight times as much as soda.

The doctor says that ‘energy drinks’ are actually drinks that are harmful to people’s health, especially people who are running or those who are in adulthood.

He says, “A parent should talk to his child when he reaches puberty or adolescence, and explain to him the consequences of these drinks.”

Dr. Lai continued, “Caffeine is a drug, not recommended for children, especially when it is high. Another thing that makes these drinks more dangerous is when they are mixed with alcohol, and that is what many young people do.”

He says that there are companies that make these drinks but do not list ‘caffeine’ in the list of ingredients of the drink, but say that it is a secret of the company.

Among the possible side effects of having too much caffeine in the body, as defined by health experts, include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, lack of sleep, lack of sufficient water in the body, etc.

Other problems caused by drinking energy drinks, as explained on the website, is that those who drink them often seem to be slaves to them, so what they are going to do is drink these ‘energy drinks’ first to increase their energy.

For example, there are people who know that ‘energy drink’ is a good drink during sports or physical training, and that is a big problem, because some of the components of these drinks make the heart beat more, and also when a person In sports, the heart beats very hard, which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

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