May 29, 2024

“RWANDA TVET BOARD” give diplomas over 526 youth graduate after training in Work Readiness and Job Placement


Claudette Irere Minister of State for Education

On September 22, 2023, when 526 youth people who completed 526 youth graduate after training in Work Readiness and Job Placement the training of practical skills and were awarded by Akazi Kanoze Access. Min. Claudette Irere, who participated in the ceremony and was the chief guest, thanked the young people who completed the training (courses) for their behavior and skills, and asked them four important things they should do and what should characterize them in the work they are going to do in Tourism and Hotels.

The Minister of State for Education, Claudette Irere, asked the youth people who studied who was training provided by Akazi Kanoze Access, to be characterized by good behavior when they go to work and be productive, the knowledge they have been given so that they can improve their work and set an example for others.

Min. Claudette Irere asked the youth to be polite and look back and lift up their less fortunate peers to help them progress and gain knowledge.

She said: “I especially want to thank those of you who have taken this course, it is easy to finish studying any other course and say that it is enough, and you always sit and get frustrated, this kind of training comes and you say that this is for others, but you wake up in the morning and call them without them. Every day, this is something that one cannot fail to thank you for, so what I ask is that it is good to study but I have a request, let me tell you, I ask you about four things, first of all, continue to be motivated to do a good and better job, that is what will show the difference between you and others everyone, that’s what will make you where you are today and tomorrow you will be promoted, the next day you will be promoted, the next day you will go to work outside, continue to work hard and improve.”

The third thing I want to ask you is that you should train yourself in languages, something related to languages, we cannot promote tourism in Rwanda by speaking only in Rwandan language , someone said there that they speak English, French and Swahili, that’s what you learn and you know very well. the truth will taste, and finally, I ask you what you add when they say ‘Send the elevator down’ (send the elevator down), when you are helped and learn and develop, you have the responsibility to help others, I ask you very much in your capacity, wherever you go, many of you are still young , look back and say ‘how much can I help others so that they can also improve?’, when we work as donors we have things to go by, but we don’t put this thing in place, so that today he was helped to learn, he feels that he has a responsibility to help others, Do you agree with these four things? If you do them u will not ashamed of Akazi Kanoze Access.”

Ing. Paul Umukunzi, RTB Director General

Paul Umukunzi, Director of the National Vocational and Training Institute (RTB), says that they provide knowledge in various techniques but their students finish their studies to help them and find ways to prepare themselves for work without any other obstacles. He says that their program includes Akazi Kanoze Access. As we know, our country is mainly made up of young people, more than 60% of our country’s population is young people, young people need to live well, they need work to support their families, what do we do when we give them different skills there are also programs to continue to help them to prepare well to go to the labor market, which is the program that the youth we are working on went through after graduating from various technical schools, through the program that prepares them well to find themselves in the labor market; where they learn how to behave in the labor market, increase their language skills, increase their knowledge of how to work for themselves, how to talk to investors, how to talk to big companies that provide money to start projects, that’s all they have been studying for days .

Belen Uyarra Calvo, EU Ambassador to Rwanda

In this ceremony, the Ambassador of the European Union in Rwanda, Belén Calvo Uyarra, said that Tourism should be on top , tourism has the power to unite and create unforgettable experiences. she reminded the youth that they are now skilled enough, confident and do a good job.

Anthony Businge, Akazi Kanoze Access’ Executive Director

Anthony Busingye, the CEO of Akazi Kanoze Access, expressed that he is very happy that these young people agreed to volunteer and follow the courses given to them, and added that they are confident that this will bring about positive changes in the country and around the world.

He said: “It is a great pleasure to celebrate the incredible achievements of our talented youth in hospitality and tourism! Today marks the beginning of new ideas, and we are ready to see the extraordinary changes they will have on our country and the world at large.”

AKAZI KANOZE ACCESS (AKA) is a non-governmental charitable organization, not for profit, which aims to provide people with a better life, and wants to provide youth with skills related to welfare and competition in the labor market, especially by providing them with training job preparation and support in finding a job, providing them with opportunities to connect workers with the labor market and entrepreneurship.

Vanessa Umutoni is also one of the recipients of this training, she says that it was useful for her and she will use it for others whenever they are able to help.

Vanessa Umutoni ( the youth Graduated )

She said: What this training helped us, there are basic the need helped us to learn in real life, how if you don’t already have a job, make a CV (profile) related to what you are going to apply for a job, how daring you are in what you are going to do, as well as the knowledge to stay at work when he saw, what they did not teach us is useful and we will help others.”

Karangwa Fabrice, one of those who received training from Akazi Kanoze Access, says that this training is important for them and they are happy with what they have received, and they will share it with their colleagues.

Karangwa Fabrice ( the youth Graduated )

He said: “Actually participating in the fair work fair is like a blessing, because not all of us get the opportunity to work, but the opportunity we got we are going to make use of it and some of us have started to reap its benefits, we are happy and we will be the answer to our colleagues. ”

Youth attending the Graduation Ceremony

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