May 22, 2024

Farmers are seriously threatened by climate change


Farmers in different parts of the world are seriously threatened by climate change, especially small farmers, who are the most affected by its effects.

This is part of what was returned on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, in the three-day international meeting of small farmers that is being held in Kigali, with the aim of sharing knowledge on the various problems they face, but also finding solutions based on the challenges they face.

One of the issues raised in this conference that brought together farmers representing others, from about 40 countries on the African continent, Asia and the Caribbean and Pacific Islands, is about climate change, and access to credit.

The Chief Planning Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MINAGRI), Chantal Ingabire

says that climate change is one of the problems that threaten almost all farmers in the world, only in order to continue to deal with it on the side of the In Rwanda, something has started to happen.

He said, “There is one thing that worries almost all farmers, not only in Africa but all over the world, it is a problem related to climate change, where there is a lot of rain and in other places there is a lot of sun, in other places there are diseases caused by climate change. . That is one of the biggest problems facing small farmers, even in Rwanda it is still a problem, even though the country has put in efforts to help them, but we still have obstacles in terms of climate change.”

He said, “Another problem facing small farmers, related to getting loans, getting the money they use in agriculture, is also one of the problems discussed in this big meeting. Another objective of the conference is to provide knowledge, access to knowledge and technology, so that it can be found in the development of agriculture, and it will be delivered to the farmers who use it.

Participants sharing-discussion on the benefits of their agroecological

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