May 22, 2024

Eric Kabera released a film that shows the difficulties women face in society

A commemorative photo with some of those who appeared in the film

Eric Kabera, who has been working in the cinema for 28 years, released a film called ‘The Woman in Me’ which focuses on the problems faced by women and how society treats equality and harmony.

It is Eric Kabera’s third film about women. This new one took him more than five years to create, it is made in different parts of Rwanda, England, the United States of America and elsewhere.

Eric Kabera says that this film took him more than five years to make it

Eric Kabera said that this is a project that he did on his own, thanking his wife, Apostle Alice Mignone Kabera, who laid her hands on it and gave her contribution to its creation.

This film in Kinyarwanda, English and French features different women and men testifying about their lives, their lifestyles, how they perceive equality and harmony and more.

Mujamaria Auxiliatrice, who appears in the film, testifies about the life she went through during the four years she lived with an abusive husband until they separated.

Mujamaria Auxiliatrice, who appears in the film, says that she helped him heal from the injuries he suffered from the violence.

This mother of two boys said that there was a time when she was beaten by her husband when she was pregnant and because of stress there was a time when she lost the ability to breastfeed her child.

Not only that, because it features men who say that some women have misunderstood gender, causing them to abuse their husbands, and some even become ashamed and commit suicide.

Some say, “Women have misunderstood equality, the woman goes to the bar and finds that the man cooks and does everything, like now if I don’t come home without a penny, I won’t pay for a new bed, but if he doesn’t pay, you won’t get anything.”

The Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda, Ron Adam who attended this event was moved by what he saw in this film and thanked Eric Kabera who made it.

He said, “I enjoyed this movie. It’s good to see women freeing themselves and speaking what’s on their mind even though there are stereotypes that bind them both here and in our country, but things are changing.”

The movie features various other people including Carine Muhikira, Dr Carman Nibigira, Albert Rudatsimbimba, Ines Giramata, Malaika Uwamahoro, Gatete Nyiringabo, Juliet Karitanyi, Natasha Najoro, Varena Lenzen, Gabrielle Afrika, Doreen Karake, Fann Bonneville, Brigitte Nyirabageni and others.

The Woman in Me’ returns to the challenges faced by women and society’s perception of gender equality

The role of cinema in promoting equality and harmony in society

Eric Kabera, in an interview given , said that the film used well conveys the message easily and reaches many.

The director of the film says that there is a lot to change people’s perception from movies like these that deal with problems in society.

Eric Kabera dedicates this film to all women in general and others interested in the principles of equality and harmony.

He said, “The movie is life, it talks about the life we ​​live in, there are things you can see that will change your mind. If you see it clearly, these women on the border of Rwanda and Congo, their lives are very interesting and show the power they have in society.”

The Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda, Ron Adam attended the official screening of Eric Kabera’s movie ‘The Woman in Me’

The soundtrack of the movie was composed by Mike Kayihura, Nganzo Ngari, Ben Ngabo and others.

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